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Super Bowl Studio Wars: 9 Movie Spots You’ll See on Sunday

Disney paid big bucks to advertise three movies at last year’s Super Bowl, promoting “Iron Man 3,” “Oz the Great and Powerful” and “Lone Ranger” during the most watched television event of the year. “Lone Ranger” didn’t pan out at the box office the way Disney hoped, but that isn’t scaring the studio from dipping into its wallet again this year.

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10 Maniacally Mind-Twisting Movies For A Heady Halloween

Psychological horror is a special flavor of twisted that leaves out, I?d say, about 90% of all ?horror? movies. Slasher flicks, blatant scares (even effective ones) and gory schlock account for most horror out there; mind-twisting thrillers that get to you are far fewer, but satisfying when you can find one.

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