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The Increasing Batmanization of Bond Movies

In one of the highest-grossing movies of the 21st century, an orphan-turned-superhero fought a terrifying anarchic villain with a gruesome facial deformity and a penchant for shooting his own associates. The villain targeted the lone surviving woman the superhero loved, eventually killing her after an epic succession of showdowns involving helicopters, secret underground tunnels and a kindly …

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Hackers leak unreleased Sony Pictures movies after massive data heist

Hackers hit Sony Pictures last week and managed to find various assets in the studio’s network — including high-quality screener copies of various movies that haven’t even been released yet — and made them available on torrent sites well ahead of their official launch. Engadget reports,. FROM EARLIER: Dirt-cheap Android tablets from Best Buy, Walmart, elsewhere found to ship with major security …

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10 excellent movies to stream on Netflix over Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to gather on the couch and watch a good movie. While we're sitting there, moaning in pain, having eaten too much yet again, and thinking about how miserable it was to travel, and how crazy our family members are, these 10 movies are a reminder that we're not alone in the world. And, indeed, despite everything, there are many, many wonderful things about …

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Smiles, movies cheer Ebola patients in Liberian bush unit

By Michelle Nichols GBARNGA Liberia (Reuters) – Deep in a Liberian bush, two U.S. nurses are taking a break after spending two hours wearing protective suits in stifling temperatures to care for patients suffering from Ebola, the viral killer that has ravaged three West African countries. Well behind them in the treatment unit's “red zone” two young boys, Solomon and Joe, who is wearing …

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